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WATIR is the most remarkable web testing tool out there at the moment. It is used in writing automated test in Test Unit, Cucumber, Rspec…. and the list is growing.

• Its free and open source.
• Its easy to use
• It has a large community so help is easy to find
• Regular updates
• Can be customized to suit your needs

The aim of this site is to give QA analysts information on how to use Watir, create a test framework and make a GUI for their framework. The test framework will be used to run all your watir test cases using Test Unit. Users will be given the basic information required to start automation using Ruby (Watir).

This website is mainly for QA analysts trying to learn Watir and not for developers. As a QA analyst, you do not need to learn the entire ruby language and libraries, just enough to use Watir. As the analyst improves, he/she can then add to their ruby knowledge and start writing more complex codes. Please bookmark us and check back for our regular updates

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